Theo is a super simple music theory wheel.

Theo combines the Circle of Fifths and Nashville Number System but shows you only what you need. Rotate the wheel to your desired key and the window shows only the notes and chords in that key and hides the rest!

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Theo can help you at any skill level!

Learn how to play chords and find chords that sound amazing together.

Write your own chord progressions and learn chord placement within a scale.

Use as a handy reference tool, transpose on the fly and teach others.

Who is Theo Wheel for?

Theo will work great for...

Worship Leader
Jam Session

Pick your style!

The genre themed illustrations were designed to personalize your music theory wheel with your own taste in music. Each wheel has the same exact information and is not limited to that type of music.

The Theo Wheel is rad.

The Theo Wheel is rad. I’m not good at music theory and never had any formal training so it’s a really easy way for someone like me to quickly find the note I want to play in the correct key if I’m looking for a specific harmony. I can see myself referencing that wheel a lot when I am writing.

- JB Brubaker
August Burns Red
2x Grammy Nominated Artist

Theo Wheel is everything on one reference tool (IE: Circle of Fifths, Keys, Intervals, Nashville Number System, etc). It’s amazing!!

- Steve S.

Very handy little tool.

Recently decided to purchase one (your Facebook adverts are effective) and I love it! The quality is really good, and it feels like it will last a lifetime if you are not too crazy rough with it. Very handy little tool. Wish I would have had this at uni for my theory classes!

- Sophia Willowood

It’s like a calculator for chords, transposing songs and songwriting in general. Love it.

- Hayley K.

Theo can help you with all this (and more!)