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Who needs this?

Trying to learn the basics of music theory or just need a quick reference tool? Theo will help you spend less time being confused and more time making music.

If you're in this list, Theo could help:
Guitarist, Bassist, Keyboardist, Pianist, Songwriter, Producer, Teacher, Worship Leader, Jam Session, Studio.

How do you use it?

Spin the wheel to your desired key to see all notes and chords in the major and minor scale.

Make music by learning chord progressions and chord placement within a scale.

Use as a handy reference tool, transpose on the fly or teach others.

See what others are saying about Theo...

The Theo Wheel is rad.

The Theo Wheel is rad. I’m not good at music theory and never had any formal training so it’s a really easy way for someone like me to quickly find the note I want to play in the correct key if I’m looking for a specific harmony. I can see myself referencing that wheel a lot when I am writing.

- JB Brubaker
August Burns Red
2x Grammy Nominated Artist

Theo Wheel is everything on one reference tool (IE: Circle of Fifths, Keys, Intervals, Nashville Number System, etc). It’s amazing!!

- Steve S.

I still have a lot to learn, and your product is making the learning process MUCH easier.

Typical musician here. Got my first instrument at 13, and learned it myself. No theory training at all - in Smalltown USA there wasn’t a place to learn it. After almost 40 years of playing, I really WANTED to learn theory. I found a very good video on YouTube, and stumbled across your product on Facebook. Put them together, and I’m beginning to understand WHY the songs I love were written the way they are, and WHY the musicians chose the notes they did. I still have a lot to learn, and your product is making the learning process MUCH easier. Thank You!!!

- Brent H.

Very handy little tool.

Recently decided to purchase one (your Facebook adverts are effective) and I love it! The quality is really good, and it feels like it will last a lifetime if you are not too crazy rough with it. Very handy little tool. Wish I would have had this at uni for my theory classes!

- Sophia Willowood

Just received my Theo Wheel today and it’s great. Looking forward to putting it to good use! Very compact and durable easy to toss in the guitar case!

- Chase A.

High quality product. Playing around with it for a few minutes filled in some missing spots in my music theory. I know I will use and appreciate it for years!

- Mark A.

I’ve had mine for a few months now, very convenient for those of us who can never seem to remember the circle of 5th off the top of our head!

- Dale W.

Why wasn’t this around when I was in school?!

- Guy C.

All you do is turn the wheel to the key you want to see what notes and chords are in that key. And it hides everything else. AMAZING!!

- Garrett D.

It’s like a calculator for chords, transposing songs and songwriting in general. Love it.

- Hayley K.

Just spin the wheel to change your key

Theo makes it quick and easy to find chords that sound amazing together. Just spin the wheel to your desired key and you're set! Our window shows you all the notes and chords in that key and hides the rest.


  • 5-1/6" wide X 5-1/4" tall - fits in guitar case, laptop bag or backpack
  • Triplex Card Stock with Soft Touch Finish
  • Smooth Rotation through all 12 keys
  • Designed, Printed & Assembled in Indiana, USA

Theo can help you with all this (and more!)

About the art

Artwork by Christi Du Toit from Cape Town, South Africa. The genre themed illustrations were designed to personalize your music theory wheel with your own taste in music. Each wheel has the same exact information and is not limited to that type of music. Metal riffs can be written with a Country Theo!

Blues by Christi Du Toit Metal by Christi Du Toit Rock by Christi Du Toit Indie by Christi Du Toit Country by Christi Du Toit Pop by Christi Du Toit

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